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Vannarin 001
Me and my profound camera, which I love the most and will use it to generate more in-depth media pieces for my respected audiences.

     Thanks for dropping by to read my articles and other work. My name is Neou Vannarin, and I am a Cambodian journalist, working for The Voice of America in Phnom Penh. I have spent over seven years in the profession including a freelancer and a reporter and editor for The Cambodia Daily, the country’s oldest English-language daily newspaper. I have started developing my skills to include multimedia and online journalism in recent year. I took a one-year master’s of journalism degree at the University of Hong Kong in 2013.

     On my blog, I hope to share some of my works as well as my experiences as a student in Hong Kong. I will also post some of my previous articles from various media organisations that I worked for, especially The Cambodia Daily and VOA, where I currently serve as the multimedia journalist and news coordinator. Although, news is priceless for journalists and readers, but copyrights is still important in terms of respecting one’s work and keeping the field of journalism strong. Therefore, please respect my intellectual property rights and do not use any materials from this page without permission. However, your ideas and opinions are welcome here in the comments section.

     Once again, thanks for your time and support of my work aiming to promote journalism in both Hong Kong and Cambodia.

Neou Vannarin
M.A. in Journalism,
The University of Hong Kong
Email: vannarin.daily@gmail.com
HP phone: (855)77-678-800
Twitter: @vannarinneou


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