Cambodia Celebrates A Cheerful Water Festival After Three-Year Suspension

(November 06, 2014) With cheers and shouts, boat racers found themselves before the king again yesterday after a deadly stampede in 2010, which took over 350 lives.

A three-day water festival kicked off yesterday, with noticeable numbers of racers, but fewer audiences.

Besides the presence of King Sihamoni, Prime Minister Hun Sen, parliamentarians, and numbers of government officials in front of Chaktomuk River, the streets around Royal Palace and boat racing compound near Tonle Sap River saw very few people compared to the ceremony in 2010, when over 3 million people visited the capital.

However, the number of visitors increased later, after nightfall. Families and young Cambodians made their way to events, shopping and concerts.

Here is a link to a video clip I made for the Cambodia Daily. The video was basically made out of hand-held camera style.


Here are some photos I took of the boat racings yesterday.


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